About Me

Peter SachsPeter Sachs – Doing as many things as possible before I depart this planet.

I’m an attorney, a licensed private investigator, an attorney, a photographer, an FAA-licensed commercial helicopter pilot, an FAA-licensed advanced ground instructor, a drone operator, a legal blogger, a geek, a muckraker and a polymath. I added the last one so you’d look it up if you don’t already know its meaning.

Mainly, I’m a private investigator. That’s how I earn my living. I’ve been doing that since 2003. It offers odd hours and unusual tasks, and although much can be done at a computer these days, I still spend a lot of time watching, following, videotaping, researching and protecting people. The long, odd hours allow me time to well, think about things. Then, in my free time, I do the other things I enjoy, like researching and writing to uncover wrongdoings and to help change laws. Yeah, it’s a weird hobby, but it’s my hobby.

I’ve been licensed to practice law in CT since 1994, but the only law I practice is public interest law, and I don’t represent anyone other than myself, ever. So I don’t run afoul of the State of Connecticut Attorney Website Registration rules, this website is not intended to be an offer of legal services or advice. Any opinion expressed here is my personal opinion. I speak on behalf of no person or entity other than myself. I do not seek to represent anyone, nor will I.

That said, I do use my legal training and knowledge along with my investigative skills to uncover stuff that I think people ought to know. Some of it might not seem very interesting to non-attorneys, but I think all of it is important enough for people to know. I do a lot of Freedom of Information work, and a lot of “watchdogging,” because as corny as it sounds, I think it’s the right thing to do. I’ve had the good fortune of doing a lot of interesting things— I’ve testified before Congress; I’ve hunted for a fugitive (now captured); I’ve helped change some laws; and I’ve had some fun doing battle with some “high-powered” attorneys. I’ve been on television a number of times, interviewed for newspaper and magazine articles and have been on the radio many times.

I can be reached via email to peter@sachs.net; via telephone or text message to (203) 871-3393. Although I won’t answer your call if I don’t recognize your number, I will be alerted instantly. So please leave a message with a phone number or an email address and I’ll reply. If you text me, you’ll need to let me know who you are if you want a reply.

If you really don’t want me to have your phone number, which is perfectly fine, just get a free Google Voice number or buy a pre-paid phone to use.

Oh, and if you’re here because you’ve received a Freedom of Information request from me, yes, I’m serious and no, I won’t go away.